Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 26, 2007
Hueston Woods, Ohio

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Except for some of the common brachiopods also found at the first site, the second site had a lot more Leptaena richmondensis. Here are some pics of rocks covered with them.
  P1010269.jpgP1010291.jpg P1010293.jpg  

Shown close up in the photos below, Leptaena richmondensis has wavy wrinkles with radial lines intersecting them. It's pretty interesting and different.

On the "pavements" of Leptaena richmondensis, you would find most of them concave side down. A few are single valves and the inside of the bottom valve is facing up. This shows the diagnostic muscle scars on the brachial valve as seen in the next photo.

Some Leptaena on the rocks were concave side up. Some of these showed the inside surface of the pedicle valve, such as in the picture below. The pedicle opening is filled in with matrix.

 There were tons of Rafinesquina on the rocks at the Acton Lake Dam site. Many of them showed signs of storm events, with the Rafinesquina "shingled" and shuffled up in all directions. Here's a picture of one example with a close-up in the second photo.


We only found the large, solitary Horn Coral, Grewingkia, on this second site. Field Trip Chair, Bob Bross, promised us a bonanza of Horn Coral. We did find more than at the first site. But I think there was still too much water in the spillway and fisherpeople were concentrated in this area. They probably picked up these easy-to-spot specimens over time.
  P1010288.jpg P1010289.jpg


YES! Fantastic bryozoans were found here as is true EVERYWHERE in the Cincinnatian. Here are my take-homes to prove it.

Thanks for sticking with me. That's it for this field trip. Check out the photos of the Sept 2007 trip to St. Leon, Indiana.

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