Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 26, 2007
Hueston Woods, Ohio

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Second Site: Hueston Wood Acton Lake Dam

The second site was the hill cut made when they put in the dam and waterway below the dam. The site was hard to find because there were no signs or obvious visual clues. (I got lost while leading the caravan, but field trip chair, Bob Bross, knew the way and helped us get there.) To get down to the waterway below the dam, we parked at the bridge that crosses the waterway and went down at the bridge. 

The waterway sides were steep, but we collected mostly at the bottom where the rocks collected at the concrete border on either side of the hill cut.
P1010266.jpg  P1010246.jpg P1010249.jpg  P1010251.jpg

The material was a combination of native Richmondian rock, some material brought in during the construction of the dam, as well as what was brought in by glaciers.


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