Dry Dredgers Field Trip
April 28, 2007
Middletown, Ohio

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Second Site

We moved on to a second site, which was a road cut just a mile or so away. This was a great site for viewing the Arnheim Formation. We found some nice things there, too.
 P1010098.jpg P1010099.jpg P1010100.jpg  

Fossils Found on Site 2

The second site exposed a layer of the Arnheim that has a fairly rare brachiopod. But it's abundant in this thin layer. The name is Retrosirostra carleyi. It looks somewhat like a Hebertella, but the triangular pedicle opening stretches along the pedicle valve. Here are 4 photos of ones found that day. Note in the first picture, the pedicle opening is visible, but, unfortunately, is covered up with debris. A modesty shield! :-)

retrosirostra200704.jpg retrosirostra200704b.jpgP1010080.jpg

There were lots of Rafinesquina too.

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