Dry Dredgers Field Trip
April 28, 2007
Middletown, Ohio

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We were joined at the site, by a group of educators from Northern Kentucky University and Grandview Elementary School, in Bellevue Kentucky who had heard about our field trip in advance. We shared fossils and information and had a great time together on a beautiful day . Thanks!

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P1010074.jpg P1010091.jpg P1010092.jpg P1010024.jpg P1010026.jpg P1010027.jpg   P1010035.jpg

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Page 1: Site 1 Introduction
Page 2: Site 1 Collecting Pics

Page 3: Site 1 Fossils Found: Trilobites and Brachiopods

Page 4: Site 1 Fossils Found: Cephalopods, Bivalves and Gastropods

Page 5: Site 2: The Site and Brachiopods Found

Page 6: Site 2: Inarticulate Brachiopods and Gastropods Found

Page 7: Site 2 Bivalves, Bryozoans and Cephalopods Found

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