Dry Dredgers Field Trip
April 28, 2007
Middletown, Ohio

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There were pretty good quantities of Cephalopods found, particularly at the bottom of the hill cut and in the flat field. The preservation was mostly internal molds, included some that preserved only the ciphuncle.
P1010065.jpg P1010066.jpg


There was a large variety of Pelecypods (clams) on the first site. These included Modiolopsis, Caritodens and Ambonychia. A couple of Amonychia are pictured below.


There were lots of gastropods too. Mostly internal molds, but many of the Cyclonema that were found had good external shell features in their calcified remains.

Some of the gastropods were completely encrusted with bryozoans, evidence of how sturdy the empty shells were on the Ordovician Ocean floor.

Before moving on to the second fossil site, there was plenty of time for show-and-tell. This member showed us an interesting example of how fossil crinoid stem columnals can be used to make necklaces. 

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