Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 28, 2006
Ohio Richmondian Site

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Quite a few Hebertella were found. (Next two pics)
  hebertella.JPG hebertella1.JPG  

This was a good site for collecting the less common Brachiopod, Holtedahlina sulcata. This is what I call the "potato chip Brachiopod" due to the curvy shape.

At least a couple of species of Vinlandostrophia were found. (It's hard to get the species right from the pictures, so I'll not try.)

The only colonial coral we saw was the ubiquitous Protaraea richmondensis.

Protaraea richmondensis encrusted almost every type of fossil on the site, as these pictures show. Here's a Hebertella encrusted with coral.

And here's Vinlandostrophia encrusted with Protaraea richmondensis.

Rafinesquina encrusted with Protaraea richmondensis.

And even a snail encrusted with Protaraea richmondensis. This snail is really nice, though, for it's VERY large size.

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