Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 28, 2006
Ohio Richmondian Site

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While we are showing snails, this internal mold had some interesting features of the inside surface of the shell. 

Most of the Gastropod internal molds found, though, had no surface features. (Next 5 Pics)
large_snail.JPG snail_internal_molds.JPGgastropod_assemblage.JPG gastropod1.JPG gastropod2.JPG

Second Richmondian Site

I went to the long road cut that we saw on the way to the first site. I didn't see any other Dry Dredgers there, but maybe they hit it before or after me.

This site was almost the same as the first except that the horn coral were even bigger and more plentiful.  There was also a layer of Bellerophontid Gastropods. The Bellerophontids shown below look to me like Sphenosphaera.
si te2_bellerfonterids.JPG

Here are a couple of the pictures of the large horn coral from the second site. Perhaps their extreme age when alive may account for both their size and the peculiar boring holes that scare these large specimens.
  site2_horn_coral_encrusted_with_bryozoan.JPG site2_horn_coral_with_borings.JPG

That's all for 2006! 
Join us when winter is over, for our field trip on March 24, 2007!

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