Dry Dredgers Field Trip
September 23, 2006
Southeast Indiana

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Pelecypods (clams) Found

A number of "black clams" were found. These are internal molds that have a carbonized film on the surface. Some are important to science for the relict microstructure they may hold. Others are just interesting because features of the valve surfaces remain that are usually not preserved.

Here's an example of a Modiolopsis we found. The American Penny is for size comparison. This penny also documents the year the clam was found.

A slightly different view below of the same clam as above.

  The clam below (next two pics) is harder to identify, but we know it's an internal mold of a clam by the clear hinge line, shown in the second picture. A black film is also present on this specimen.

Gastropods (snails) Found

Lots of snails were found. The first two pictures show some of the Cyclonema that were found.

A good number of Paupospira and/or Lophospira were found. (Next three photos)
    P1010065.JPG P1010068.JPG
The Paupospira shown above is entirely encrusted by Bryozoans! Pretty neat if you are collecting Bryozoan encrustations. 

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