Dry Dredgers Field Trip
September 23, 2006
Southeast Indiana

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Inarticulate Brachiopods Found

Here is an articulate Brachiopod called Rafinesquina ponderosa. It's very common. On one of it's valves, is several, less common, inarticulate Brachiopods, Philhedra. (next two pics)

Here's another Philhedra, perhaps a different species


Another, more common, inarticulate found, was Petrocrania.

Here's another type of inarticulate Brachiopod. I'm not sure of the genera.

Coral Found

The most common coral found was the solitary Horn Coral, Grewingkia. Another Horn Coral found was Streptelasma. (next two photos)

There was an unidentified colonial, tabulate coral found too. (below)

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