Dry Dredgers Field Trip
April 23, 2005
Maysville, KY

Page 5: Trilobites

These Fairview beds gave us lots and lots of Isotelus trilobite fragments. Many fragments were several inches long. Here's one that was free from matrix and shows both sides (two images below) of the genal area near the spine.

I examined the above specimen later at home and found that annelid worms had enjoyed living on this large trilobite while it was swimming the Ordovician ocean, taking advantage of a constant flow of food across the edge and grooves of the trilobite. Take a close look at the next two pictures. These are "tube" worms, probably Cornulites and tell a valuable tale to Paleontologists of the feeding and swimming of Isotelus trilobites and their friends.

That's all! Sorry. The bad weather put a stop to this field trip.

Our Field Trip Chair, Bob Bross, presented me an award at the May meeting for my April 2005 field trip report. I was very honored and overwhelmed by Bob's generosity in preparing  and presenting this framed award to me. Thank you Bob! I want to share this award with you, the DryDredgers.org guest. It's pretty great! I also extend my congratulations to Karen for being the only field trip participant. She braved rugged, slippery terrain and found some great fossils with me. - - - Bill Heimbrock

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