Dry Dredgers Field Trip
April 23, 2005
Maysville, KY

Page 3: Fossils Found: Bryozoans

The bryozoans were also calling out, in colors in contrast with the shale.

The bryozoans were more interesting than usual due to the wide variety on this site. Some really nice examples of the unusual bryozoan, Escharopora hilli. were found. Some are shown below (5 photos).

Escharopora hilli - Side 1

Escharopora hilli - Side 2

Shown above is a cross-section of this specimen, showing it's shape and aperatures.

Escharopora hilli

Escharopora hilli
(in matrix) 
See bones in this picture? You owe it to yourself to join the Dry Dredgers!

Another interesting bryozoan that was found is this example of a fenestrate bryozoan.

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