Dry Dredgers Field Trip
To a Northern Kentucky Road Cut
Southgate Member, Kope Formation
October 23, 2004

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Page 7: Cephalopods Found

The molluscs on this site are especially nice because they have brown shell remaining on them. The Cephalopods are a treasured find here, because the type of preservation makes them excellent specimens. Here are some beautiful specimens, showing each side in a separate picture.



  PA234934.JPG PA234936.JPG





Take a close look at the picture below. These are Cephalopod fragments. They are often misidentified. 

This member has found a rock with a surface that has many cephalopod fragments on it. A few are identified with red squares. Click on them for an enlargment.

There were also a number of Siphuncles (center tube in a Cephalopod) found. The one below is can be uniquely identified by the smooth, oddly-shaped profile.

These cephalopods are often encrusted with bryozoans, such as Spatiopora.  (below)

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