Dry Dredgers Field Trip
To a Northern Kentucky Road Cut
Southgate Member, Kope Formation
October 23, 2004

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Page 3: Crinoids Found

Most of the crinoid specimens found that day were only the long stems, preserved on the surface of rocks.

Now this next picture shows something, both rare and interesting, that a Dry Dredgers member has found. It's a trace fossil of a crinoid! The trace appears as evenly spaced ridges on the rock surface. They were made by a crinoid stem rolling across the ocean floor. I have superimposed a crinoid stem to the right, in the correct orientation to show you how the stem would have rolled to make this ichnofossil.

However, most of the crinoid stems in the rocks were individual columnals. In fact, many of the rocks were made almost entirely of crinoid pieces, as the picture below illustrates.

Another type of crinoid that was found, is the very large and unusual Anomalocrinus incurvus. We typically only find the holdfasts, which we call "volcanos" for reasons obvious in the picture below. 
 PA245131.JPG PA245145.JPG

But these Anamolocrinus holdfasts are more interesting than normal, because they are found attached to BOTH SIDES of this calcarious shale nodule! This was a cobble stone on the ocean floor that, regardless of the comparatively deep water of the Kope, rolled over in currents and storms, killing the crinoids growing on it and making a new home for more crinoids (only to later meet the same fate). The picture below shows that bottom side of the nodule above, and you can see a holdfast, at left, on that side.

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