Dry Dredgers Field Trip
To a Northern Kentucky Road Cut
Southgate Member, Kope Formation
October 23, 2004

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Page 5: Graptolites Found

On this site, the rock surfaces also commonly reveal black "pencil marks" called Grapotolites. These animals were more likely floaters, rather than crawlers. 

Closer examination of these Graptolites show intricate structures and can help identify the genera and species.

It takes an even closer look at these graptolites with a 10x loup to be able to identify these specimens as Geniculograptus typicalis.

Some of these graptolites were 3-dimensional, made out of pyrite.

Others were 3-dimensional in a lighter color. Here's a 3-D graptolite I found that day (below) that is not only pale in color, but appears to have cups on one side only. This is probably a different, less common, genera.

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