Dry Dredgers Field Trip
November 22, 2003
Dan Cooper's Open House

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Other Specimens Cleaned  That Day

In the morning, a member brought in a beautiful, enrolled Isotelus Trilobite. The pictures below were taken after Dan was done cleaning it. Nice specimen!

  P1011559.jpg P1011562.jpg

Here's a great prone Flexicalymene, found by a Dry Dredger and already cleaned at time of photo

Here's a great Flexicalymene on a shale nodule. It has already been cleaned by Dan when I arrived on the scene.
  P1011653.jpg P1011654.jpg P1011679.jpg

Next is a Flexicalymene retrorsa from the Waynesville Ft. Ancient member, that I had personally surface-collected (not dug). I first soaked it in Quaternary Ammonium. Then Dan Cooper used his air abrasive tool on it. It now looks great!

Now for a few stray "before" pictures that I didn't get a chance to take an "after picture", due to the nice weather.

The first is a TINY trilobite.

Next is a Flexicalymene.

This Isotelus has loose exoskeleton fragments that are waiting to be glued back in place.

Here it is all cleaned up!!! 

See extra large closeup

That's all for this field trip. We hope you enjoyed it!

Next Field Trip: March 27, 2004 - Southeastern, Indiana

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