Dry Dredgers Field Trip
November 22, 2003
Dan Cooper's Open House

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A Tour of Dan's Fossil Prep Lab

Dan opened countless drawers of fossils waiting to be prepared. The group gathered as he gave us a tour.
P1011646.jpg P1011632.jpg P1011641.jpg P1011642.jpg

The pictures above show what the trilobites with shale look like before Dan prepares (cleans) them. The pictures below show a couple of prepared Flexicalymene from his collection. (The first looks like the species retrorsa and the one shown after that looks like meeki.)

P1011698.jpg Image5.jpg

Click on the picture to read the labels.

Explorer the above drawer yourself.
Click on a fossil in the picture above to enlarge that fossil.

There was plenty of time while Dan was working on a member's fossils to browse casually around his shop.

This very special display is hung under a trilobite poster. Can you tell what it says?

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