Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 25, 2003
Southeast Indiana

Page 6

Some Fossils Found That Day: Crinoids and Corals

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the pictures of crinoids found that day. There were lots of crinoid stems found.

I saw someone had found a nice Cincinnaticrinus pentagonus calyx (below).

Here's a really interesting and somewhat mysterious mass of crinoid arms. This may be a large number of calyxes bunched together, or one crinoid of a type I cannot identify. Jack? What's your analysis?


There were also lots and lots of Horn Coral found. This one is a Grewingkia.
  P1011513.jpg P1011407.jpg

I think the coral in the picture below is Streptelasma.

This is a complete coral head of the colonial tabulate coral, Tetradium. It will be pretty nice once it is cleaned.

This is a broken Tetradium coral (below)

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October 2003 Field Trip
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