Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 25, 2003
Southeast Indiana

Page 5

Some Fossils Found that day: Trilobites

There were plenty of trilobites found on this trip. There had been enough rain.

Here are some of the Flexicalymene retrorsa trilobites found.

These first pictures are of Flexi's from the "Caesar Creek" layer of the site. All of these trilobites are diminished in size.

P1011401.jpg P1011447.jpg

The Flexicalymene retrorsa shown below is accompanied by an attractive bryozoan covered with a star pattern, known as Constellaria florida.


Here's a really nice DOUBLE Rusophycus (borrows of Flexicalymene Trilobites)


The next two pictures are also Flexicalymene retrorsa.

P1011442.jpg P1011533.jpg

Our field trip chair, Dan Cooper, found this nice glabella of an Ontopleurid trilobite, probably Acidaspis cincinnatiensis. (or could this be Flexicalymene granulosa in the Richmond??? :-)

Check out these nice finds! The picture includes 4 Flexicalymene's, a crinoid stem and a really nice fragment of the anal sac (center) of the crinoid, Plicodendocrinus casei.

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October 2003 Field Trip
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