Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 25, 2003
Southeast Indiana

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After Collecting

As you can see, this large, steep site requires lots of walking and climbing. You need to take take frequent breaks and drink plenty of fluids. Way down there (below) is someone.


Yep! There's Cindy taking a break and collecting from the gutter. Often, you can find some of the best fossils at road level. People bring fossils down the hill and later only take ones they like or can identify; leaving many fossils that are amazing specimens.

Two younsters found this nice thorax fragment of an Isotelus.
Here's a young member who was smart enough to know the slope was too steep for him and waited on the safer ledge for his parent to finish the climb.

The trip winds to a close (above) with many fossil finds.

While our field trip chairperson, Dan Cooper, thinks hard about where he is going to take us next month. Thanks, Dan, for another great trip!!!

Just as most people were leaving, another field trip began on this popular site. A group from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, had just arrived. They are a nice bunch of collectors and a few of our members got a chance to chat with them and exchange fossil info. Here's a couple of pictures of that group. It was nice meeting you! 
P1011537.jpg P1011538.jpg

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October 2003 Field Trip
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