Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 26, 2002
Alexandria, KY and Neighboring Sites

Site 3: Fossils Found

This third site, unlike the first two, was in the Fairview formation. On the surface of rocks were found the brachiopod, Plectorthis, (fingered below) which is unique to the Fairview and helps you identify that formation. Below the finger is a nice free cheek or genal area of the trilobite, Isotelus .

It looks like our Vice President, Rich Fuchs , may have found the large Rusophycus of the trilobite, Isotelus. It's kind of rough, we think it is.

Also found, was a complete Flexicalymene inside a Cephalopod living chamber. It is recommended that trilobites found inside cephalopod living chambers be shown to Dr. Richard Davis , who is studing this behavior.  See additional photos of this specimen at http://nebulagirl.com/fossils/

Here's a slab of articulated crinoid stems . No calyxes were found on it from examining the slab on the site, but it's possible to find a calyx when the slab is cleaned.

Several almost perfect specimens of the articulate brachiopod, Hebertella, were found at this site.

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Now lets move on to March 2003, when we visited the University of Chicago Paleontology Dept


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