Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 26, 2002
Alexandria, KY and Neighboring Sites

Site 2: Fossils Found

The slabs at this site were interesting. Bryozoans abounded and there were rocks comprised entirely of bryozoans (below).


Trace fossils were easily found. This collector spotted a really long trail of what was probably a worm, meandering  it's way across the muddy ocean bottom. 

This Rafinesquina brachiopod was found encrusted with lots of Petrocrania scabiosa, an inarticulate brachiopod.

Yes, there were crinoids and trilobites found on this site, as shown below.
The above trilobite is Flexicalymene granulosa.

One person collected vertebrate material and some snail shells, but their age is likely (very) recent. All of the fossils commonly found in these Upper Ordovician layers are invertebrates and are replaced entirely by minerals, aged more than 440 Million years.

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