Dry Dredgers Field Trip
October 26, 2002
Alexandria, KY and Neighboring Sites

Site 2: Collecting

As we drove down the byway, Dan Cooper stopped us to point out the contact point between the Kope (Latonia Formation) and the Fairview Formation as we drove up hill.

"There it is", he said (above), pointing to the exact change in the sedimentation.

Then we continued on to our second collecting site, which was lower, back in the Kope Formation.

Dan finds the site location documented in Algeo & Brett, 1999. With this book, he was able to tell us precisely where, in the stratigraphic layers, the site lies.


And so, Dan led us up the cut to the trilobite layer and pointed it out to us. Learning and knowing the stratigraphy of the area is the key to finding the right fossils. This is one of the many things you learn by being a Dry Dredgers member .


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