Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 25, 2002
Mt. Orab, Ohio

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Page 8: More of the Fossils Found That Day.

From Surface Collecting....

Even the trilobite fragments were prized finds. Everyone came away happy.

As the surface collectors began walking back to their cars, I was able to stop some of them to see what they found and WOW! Many people had whole trays and buckets of trilobites and other fossils! Take a look! All of these fossils were found that day.

(That's a big Isotelus glabella, shown above, in case you don't recognize it. Notice the eye at top.)


Here are some pictures of some of the non-trilobite fossils found.

Several people found calyxes (cups or heads) of crinoids. Here is one (below) and you can see another in the black tray in in one of the pictures above.

Also found was some of the delicate inarticulate brachoipod, Pseudolingula. This is fairly rare at most sites, but easy to find here.

Another somewhat rare brachiopod is a version of Leptaena found in the Arnheim Formation. This brachiopod is more common in the middle and upper Richmondian formations, but fairly rare in the Maysvillian formations.

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