Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 25, 2002
Mt. Orab, Ohio

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Page 1: Getting Started

Since we met on the site instead of caravanning from a designated meeting place, people trickled in. Below we see the first few minutes. Dan Cooper explains the layers and how the day will proceed.

Don Bissett (below) helps prepare the Dredgers for the dig.

 This is the latest version of the drainage ditch that helps keep all that water we had this spring out of the digging area. 

Surface collecting gets underway in the older "spoils" piles. The spring had produced so much rain that there were incredible numbers of trilobites exposed for the pickings by the first to arrive.
Above you can see the typical quantities of trilobites found by these surface collectors in the first 20 minutes or so of searching. Shown also is a good sized Gastropod Cyclonema, which is somewhat plentiful in the piles.

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