Dry Dredgers Field Trip: Brookville, Indiana
April 26, 2003

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Be sure to keep site notes with the specimens you found that day.
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Site 3: Fossils Found

This site had LOTS of coral, particularly the colonial coral, Tetradium, rolling down the hill cut from the Saluda layer at the top.

This member found a big chunk of coral that had large holes in it that had filled in with Calcite crystals.

At the top of the cut, you could see massive quantities of coral, attached to the hillside in a coral reef.

Upon close examination, you can easily identify the surface as coral by broken edges having a tightly arranged tabulate structure. (shown below).

If an entire coral head is broken, you can see a circular pattern.

Unbroken, the surface of the coral appears to be covered with tiny bumps, similar to bryozoan, but recognizable as coral.

Entire and parital round heads of Tetradium coral were falling down from this Saluda layer.

Other types of colonial coral were found coming out of this layer, as well. The one below looks much like the solitary coral, Grewingkia, but is colonial rugose coral.

Other finds included this, very nice and unusual clam that was preserved in a partially open position. Nice find!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Bill Heimbrock

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