Dry Dredgers Field Trip: Brookville, Indiana
April 26, 2003

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Fossils Found at Site #1: Part 1

There were a few Flexicalymene Trilobites found at site #1 that day.

This Flexicalymene (above) was found already cleaned and weathered on the surface. It began falling apart almost immediately.

Here's a molted thorax of a Flexicalymene (above). The specimen is inverted and the segments are splayed.

Hey! And someone found an Ordovician golfball! It's actually a really nice specimen of an algae called Cyclocrinites. Nice find!

Experienced Dry Dredgers got really close to the shale and were able to find TINY problematic fossils called Tentaculites. (below)

Now here's an interesting find. It looks like a nice sized crinoid calyx had it's top chopped off when this rock was broken (below), showing a cross-section of the cup plates, arranged in a circular pattern. Each plate is horseshoe shaped. At first examination, one might think they had found a Cyclocystoid . But I think we have a crinoid here. (Jack Kallmeyer, what's your diagnosis?)

The stems of crinoids were more common on this site, as shown below.

There were also some crinoid holdfasts found. the one below is called Lichenocrinus .

Clams (Pelecypods) were represented as internal and external molds.

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