Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 24, 2007
AA Highway, Northern Kentucky

Photos by Bill Heimbrock, Mike Bonar and Cindy Striley. Words by Bill Heimbrock


The Kope formation is good for nicely preserved Cephalopods, and and it was true for this site. Here's a couple of pictures of some that were found.
 Calcified Segmented Cephalopod.jpgP1010075.jpg


The ground was covered with Bryozoans in spots (see pic below).

The best Bryozoan find of the trip was this beautifully preserved Escharopora falciformis, which was likely found near the top of our site, in the Fairview Formation, or in some material that was pushed down the hill.

Another nice to find was this Bryozoan Batostoma with holes left from the interesting animal called Catellocaula vallata. This animal is interesting because it may be a Chordate, thought to include vertebrates!
Catellocaula vellata.jpg

Here are some more Bryozoans found that day, interesting just for their various shapes.
P1010048.jpg  P1010096.jpg

Worm Tubes

This site turned out to be great for unusually large specimens of the annelid worm tube, Cornulites and other Cornulitids. These worms attached themselves to crinoid stems in most of the examples we see from this site. Here's a few.
P1010016.jpg P1010046.jpg

Another way worm tubes attached was to share a substrate with Bryozoans. Here's one of many examples we saw that day.

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