Dry Dredgers Field Trip
March 24, 2007
AA Highway, Northern Kentucky

Photos by Bill Heimbrock, Mike Bonar and Cindy Striley. Words by Bill Heimbrock

Fossils Found That Day

Without a doubt, the best find of the day was this pyritized Edrioasteriod, shown in the next two pictures. This was a variety of Cystaster. It's interesting that this Edrio was found so low in the strata. It probably came from the basal Fairview. The specimen was not well preserved, however. Some mineralization (pyrite) has damaged the specimen. But I think removing some of the shale will still reveal an impressive specimen.
Pyritized Cystaster Imprint and Two Cystaster Edrios.jpg

The Pyrite which damaged the above specimen was everywhere on this site. It shined brightly in the sunlight that day. Here's one nice patch of Pyrite, found by a member that day.
2.5cm Pyrite concretion.jpg

Other nice find that day was this example of an interesting "tar spot" remains of an animal that until recently was thought to belong to Sphenothallus. I'm not sure if it has a name yet. But it is one of the things we were hoping to find.


I saw only one crinoid calyx, found by a member. I think it was a Cincinnaticrinus varibrachialus. I wish I had washed it before taking this picture, so I would know.


Crinoid stems were everywhere. Greg Courney took a box of the stem material home to clean and assembler them.

After cleaning them, Greg found a bunch of calyxes of the crinoid Cincinnaticrinus varibrachialus! Nice going Greg! Here are some of them (next 5 pics).

Loose pieces of shale revealed the impressions of Crinoid stems, as the picture below shows.

Another interesting variety of crinoid found, were numerous examples of Anamolocrinus incurvus performing the "Crinoids Revenge" by encrusting Bryozoans with their holdfasts.
See Cindy Striley's Site for more pictures of Anomalocrinus holdfasts she found that day.

P1010095.jpgP1010099.jpg P1010100.jpg P1010104.jpg

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