Dry Dredgers Field Trip
April 29, 2006
Brookville, Indiana
Arnheim, Waynesville and Liberty Formations, Late Ordovician Period

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Fossils Found That Day

Lots and lots of fossils were found at the Brookville site that day. Probably the best was a rock with HUGE Ostracods on it. Most Ostracods in the Ordovician require a hand lens or microscope to see and are considered microfossils. Not these. They are about a centimeter long. Check out the pictures below. In the first pic, one is shown with a Flexicalymene trilobite. Okay, it's a tiny Flexi. But it makes you think... "Did Ostracods eat Trilobites???"

There were other oversized "small" fossils found that day. Here's what I think is a giant Cornulites. It looks a lot like the one we saw presented by our feature speaker, Bob Morris, at our meeting the night before. Certainly, we can credit Bob for making us keep an eye open for these worm tubes.

A number of the usual Flexicalymene trilobites were found. Shown below.
flexicalymene2.jpg flexicalymene3.jpgfossil_mix.jpg

Here is a nice fragment of the thorax of an Isotelus Trilobite, showing multiple segments.

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