Dry Dredgers Field Trip
September 24, 2005
Maysville, Kentucky

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Articulate Brachiopods

Brachiopods rule on any Ordovician site. The Maysville site is no exception. Near the top of the road cut, countless examples of the large brachioopod, Vinlandostrophia ponderosa are present. Here are some of the ones we found.

What's more interesting, these large Brach's are also geodes.On the inside are calcite crystals.

Much lower on the hill, at the bottom of the Fairview formation, are millions of small brachiopods called Cincinnetina  multisecta. Here's the underside of a rock that's loaded with them. The specimens are facing concave down. I imagine the dead single-valve shells didn't wash around in the currents as much when they were facing down. It's interesting, in any case.

Inarticluate Brachiopods

Quite a few inarticulate Brachiopods were found. They usually are found attached to other fossils. However here's a fine example of where Bryozoa have attached to the Brachiopod. The bryozoa have broken away in this specimen, showing the Brachiopod surrounded with Bryozoa! The more you examine it, the more interesting it becomes!

This next picture was hard to get, but inside the contours of another bryozoan specimen is more inarticulate Brachiopods. 

Plant Fossils

One Dry Dredger found some very unusual texture on a rock surface. Shown below, this could be be algae. 

That's all folks! Join us next month (October 2005) for another field trip!

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