Dry Dredgers Field Trip
June 14, 2003
The Search for Noids, Pods and Zoas

Page 5: The Contests

Back at the parking lot, we laid out our fossils on the posters Jan had given us to find out which fossil types were found and which ones we still needed. This is the very basics of "collecting."


The person with the most different fossil types collected was awarded a plaque. There was a show of hands of who found 5 or more different types.

And when it got to 6 or 7 different types, the winners emerged.

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Table of Contents

Page 1: Introduction: Meeting at K-Mart
Page 2: We Arrive At the Fossil Site!
Page 3: Collecting Photos
Page 4: More Collecting Photos
Page 5: The Contests
Page 6: The Prize for the Most Unusual Fossil

Click HERE for more pictures of the event on Cindy's web site!

NEXT YEAR!: SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 2004: The Search for Noids, Pods and Zoas Continue!

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