Dry Dredgers Field Trip
June 14, 2003
The Search for Noids, Pods and Zoas

Page 3: Collecting Photos

Here's a picture of what the ground looked like. It was loaded with fossils. Easy pick'ns. This is the way it is on most of the fossil sites in and around Cincinnati.

The Rock above is loaded with tiny brachiopods (Zygospira modesta) and Bryozoans.

The Dry Dredgers membership were a big help in explaining and identifying the fossils found. Thanks all!

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Page 1: Introduction: Meeting at K-Mart
Page 2: We Arrive At the Fossil Site!
Page 3: Collecting Photos
Page 4: More Collecting Photos
Page 5: The Contests
Page 6: The Prize for the Most Unusual Fossil

Click HERE for more pictures of the event on Cindy's web site!

NEXT YEAR!: SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 2004: The Search for Noids, Pods and Zoas Continue!

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