Bibliography of the Dry Dredgers

A catalog of the scientific contributions of our organization

The references listed here fall under several categories (not mutually exclusive):

This list is incomplete. In particular, we acknowledge the dearth of citations older than the 1990s. We believe this is a "taphonomic bias": more recent papers are often digitized and available online, and consequently easier to search for Dry Dredgers references. If you know of any references that belong in this listing, please contact Kyle Hartshorn with the citation and nature of the Dry Dredgers contributions within.

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Other Publications


Several Dry Dredgers have provided photos, sources, and other assistance for Steven Holland's online guide to the stratigraphy and fossils of the Upper Ordovician near Cincinnati, Ohio [].

A large portion of Jack Kallmeyer's collection was donated to Ohio University in 2009. This collection has formed the basis of several publications above and is heavily used by the Digital Atlas of Ordovician Life [].

Dry Dredgers have contributed updates to R.A. Davis's Bibliography on the Type-Cincinnatian []

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