Dry Dredgers Field Trip
September 28, 2013
Joint Picnic and Field Trip: Dry Dredgers and Kentucky Paleontological Sociey
Brookville, Indiana

Stop #2: Liberty Formation

Our second stop was not as overgrown with vegetation as the first. The site in the old days had yeilded a number of Conularia.  Now the site is "slumped" with material from the top layers sliding down and covering the lower layers. This site exposes most of the Liberty formation.

Liberty Bivalves
(from stop#2)

Ambonychia sp.

Caritodens sp.

This is a clam called Caritodens which was preserved on the bottom of an encrusting bryozoan. (bottom and top - next 2 pics)

Here's another example of a clam preserved on the underside of a bryozoan. This ridged surface is likely from Ambonycha sp..

Nautiloid Cephalopods


Here's a great specimen of a Rafinesquina from stop#2 that is nearly covered on one site with the inarticulate brachiopod Petrocrania scabiosa. Notice how the Petrocrania are crowding for space on this large surface.

Above photo compliments of Rick Schrantz, KPS

Stop#2 was full of good examples of Rafinesquina sp. Here are just some of the ones found that day. Do you see the Petrocrania scabiosa on the first one?

This next brachiopod is not a Rafinesquina. It is a strophomenid however. It is Strophomena sp.. Note the shape of the muscle scar.

The two brachiopods in the photo below appear to be Vinlandostrophia cypha.

And there were plenty of the tiny brachiopod Zygospira kentuckiensis.

from Site#2 (Liberty Fm.)

Other Fossils Found on Stop#2 (Liberty Fm.)


Worm Tubes: Cornulites or Cornulitids


Trepostomate Bryozoans

Cyclonema Gastropods

Now lets see what we found at Stop #3.

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