Dry Dredgers Field Trip
June 7, 2013
Ridgemount Quarry in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

Photos by Ron Fine, Bill Heimbrock, Ken Peterson, Tom Bantel and Bob Zimmerman
Words by Bill Heimbrock

Page 2: Malcolm Makes It Easy

Malcolm was a big help with his spray bottle of water for making the Eurypterids stand out against the lighter shale.

Malcolm was also a really big help in uncovering at least 5 Eurypterid heads the previous week and leaving them for us to dig out. He did not count on it raining and the ditches filling with water. So he brought is leaf blower, which worked excellently for temporarily dispersing the water while we dig. Malcolm was patient and held the leaf blower until we had all 5 heads extracted. He advised us along the way as to where is best to break the shale and which tool to use.   Here are ome photos of the Eurypterid heads and their extractions.

And the dig goes on.....

Some tails were found too.

Now let's see page 3: Bob Zimmerman Has Twins and Ron Fine With His Fine Find 

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