Dry Dredgers Field Trip
June 7, 2013
Ridgemount Quarry in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

Page 3: Bob Zimmerman Has Twins and Ron Fine With His Fine Find

Photos by Ron Fine, Bill Heimbrock, Ken Peterson, Tom Bantel and Bob Zimmerman
Words by Bill Heimbrock   

Ron Fine found one of the first nearly complete Eurypterids of the day. Here are some pics of the specimen and its extraction.


Here is John Spina of the Buffalo Geological Society helping to extract Ron's Eurypterid with his gas-powered rock saw. Thanks John!

And now here is Ron Fine and his specimen.

Bob Zimmerman's Perfect Twins

Bob Zimmerman then found TWO complete Eurypterids - both really tiny. They are very nice specimens. Here are some photos of him and extracting his two finds. 

And now here are Bob Zimmerman's photos of his two small Eurypterids, showing both the positive side and the negative side of the slab for each.

Specimen #1 positive then negative.

Specimen #2 positive then negative.

Now let's see page 4: Jim Cox Finds The Top Prize In The Last 15 Minutes

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