Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Sept 27, 2003
Maysville, KY

Page 4: Fossils Found That Day, Part 2

And now, the obligatory trilobites pictures. I few Flexicalymeme were found, and some parts of Isotelus trilobites. One members found a nice, large and complete hypostome of the Isotelus (not pictured). Here are pictures of a couple of the Flexicalyemene found that day.

P1011299.jpg P1011302.jpg

Above is part of an internal mold of Cyrtolites ornatus.

The Kope and Fairview Formations are known for their many and varied Ichnofossils (trace fossils).  Here is a really interesting flower-shaped trace fossil. The underside shows circular calcified remainsVERY INTERESTING!!!! Thanks to many replies to our requests for identification, we believe this is the resting trace of a Cnidaria (jellyfish).
P1011306.jpg P1011309.jpg

Here's another interesting Ichnofossil (below). Some large animal made a series of radial burrows, perhaps while feeding.

Another trace fossil forms a circular path (below) and then turns around and heads out. A confused worm?

Here (below) are some trace fossils with round holes on each side, made by worms . These are called Diplocraterion biclavatum.
We also found evidence of a fierce predator in the Ordovician Ocean (living 450,000,000 years ago). The Nautiloid Cephalopod molds were everywhere. There were also shell replacements. The specimen below was placed on a Diplocraterion trace fossil (by a human).
P1011324.jpg P1011312.jpg

Many Cephalopods were encrusted with the bryozoan, Spatiopora, which shows aligned monticules.This suggests the Cephalopods' shells were encrusted with these bryozoans while they were swimming.

That's all! 

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