Dry Dredgers Field Trip
May 26, 2001
Mt. Orab, Ohio

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Fossils Found!

There were quite a large number of Flexicalymene and Isotelus trilobites found by both diggers and surface collectors. Bill Heimbrock, our web photographer, had some problems with his camcorder jamming. So we don't have pictures for many of the items found that day. However we do have a few pictures. 

Within the first 15 minutes of surface collecting, Joe Mueller found three Flexicalymene, an Isotelus genal spine and a Cyclonema Gastropod.

Check out this beautiful, complete and enrolled Isotelus trilobite! There is lots of clay on this specimen, but it will all come off with a little water. Caution should be used when removing the loose clay from these specimens. Too much water will cause the exoskeleton to flake away.

Here's a partially enrolled Flexicalymene retrorsa uncovered during the digging. This is an example where the specimen is sturdy enough to tolerate a cleaning with water while it is still in the clay. It is recommend that the specimen be taken home in the clay and cleaned at home.

A Demonstration of How To Dig Trilobites

Pictures from Last Year's Mt. Orab Trilobite Dig

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