Mt. Orab Field Trip. Sept. 2000

What was found that day.

Some of the best finds of the day were from the spoils piles. This Dry Dredger (shown below) found a perfect Isotelus trilobite, in the prone position, on the surface of shale rock cast aside by mistake. Don Bissett and Dan Cooper kidded each other about which one of them let that one get away.     
mo65.jpg mo66.jpgmo64.jpg  

Other "pile finds" included nicely preserved prone and enrolled Flexicalymene trilobites.

Meanwhile, in the trenches, hard work and a good set of eyes pay off. Jim Budnik found this beautiful, enrolled Isotelus trilobite.

mo61.jpg mo60.jpg 

It is very difficult to see these trilobites in the shale as they are removed. Here are some Flexicalymene retrorsa dug out of the shale layer. Can you spot them in these pictures?  



  mo81.jpg mo80.jpg  

 mo93.jpg mo94.jpg  


Among the finds was this recent fossil (shown below). Brenda Hunda, a PhD candidate with the University of California at Riverside, spent this past summer studying the unique trilobite layer exposed on this site. This chair attests to her long, hard hours of meticulous work on the site. Our hats are off to her.    


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