Dry Dredgers Field Trip
April 28, 2001
Northeastern Kentucky
Kope, Fairview and Bellevue Formations

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Some Pictures of Fossils Found That Day.

Pictures Sent In by Doug Schneider, with comments:

I am not sure but the curved surface from the bottom of the image curves up an to the right. It appears to be a small ridge. Then, coming off of this to the left is a long "spine'. I suspect this may be a portion of a trilobite?? with a genal spine going off to the left?? It must have been a big one! Found in the area of the Fairview formation. North-east end of the cut.


This is a close up of about 30 very small brachiopods gathered around a small piece of glyptocrynus. Fairview formation, east side of the cut.

Larger image of the same specimen. Some ichnofossils are noted on this piece of limestone

Underside of this same specimen. Note the radial pattern. It is directly under the gathering of brachiopods and Glyptochrinus.

A group of Glptochrinus stems and bases of the calyx. See a, b, c, & d. Fairview formation, East side of the road cut.

Stem with partial calyx.


Multiple stems and molds of the same.

Close up of part of the stem and calyx. The line segments on the background are 0.2" for scale.

Portion of the thoracic shield from a ? Isotelus ? Bellevue formation, east side.


Ichnofossil - Cast of 3 Trilobite burrows ?

Close up of the same (the white spot is birdsh--!)


If you found something interesting on this trip, Email your pictures to Bill Heimbrock at webmaster@drydredgers.org.

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