Dry Dredgers Field Trip
June 12, 2004
The Search for Noids, Pods, and Zoas! 2004

Page 5: Fossils Found!

One of the fathers, who happens to be a Dry Dredger (who isn't???), located a whole trilobite sticking out of the ground. Instead of picking it up and "pocketing" it, he provided an educational experience for all the kids by showing what a trilobite looks like when you find it. Everyone gathered around to see the partially exposed specimen. 

Shown below, the "Flexi" trilobite is barely visible.  This is what makes trilobites so hard to find.

Here's another trilobite find that day. It is placed in it's original position to demonstrate how it blends into its surroundings, making it hard to see.

These proud fossil finders display their finds.

One of the finds was a nice cross-section of a large Nautiloid Cephalopod on the side of a rock.

Another nice find was this cluster of the tiny Brachiopod, Zygospira

Then the call was made to gather to compare fossil finds and award prizes and plaques for the best fossils.
P6124101.JPGP6124114.JPGP6124121.JPGP6124111.JPG P6124113.JPG 

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