Caesar Creek Lake Spillway

Caesar Creek is an Ohio state park that permits fossil collecting on the lake spillway only, provided you obtain a free permit from the visitor center before collecting. It is famous for the high quality Late Ordovician Fossils that have been found there.

They have a nice visitor center with a small museum of fossils and wildlife found at Caesar Creek. Since you are required to go to the visitor center to sign a permit, we recommend you browse the fossil exhibits and learn about these fossils. The more you know, the more fun fossil collecting in the spillway will be.

You are only allowed to pick up and take home fossils that can fit in the palm of your hand. Larger fossils should be left in situ. If it looks like the fossil is important and is bigger than your palm, the ask that you report it to the ranger at the visitor center and leave it where it was so a skilled professional can determine if it needs to be curated for a museum or other institution.

The Ceasar Creek Lake Spillway exposes fossiliferous rock layers of the Liberty Formation. These rocks and fossils are about 438 million years old. The fossils are marine invertebrates from the Late Ordovician Period.

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