A Study of Schizocrania
by Bill Heimbrock

I came across a layer at the very bottom of the Corryville Formation of the Cincinnatian near Lawrenceburg, Indiana that has a large population of the somewhat uncommon inarticulate brachiopod, Schizocrania filosa. These Schizocrania were all attached to the tops and undersides of the articulate brachiopod, Rafinesquina.

Well, I found so many of these in the same horizon, that I thought it would be a good idea to photograph them to supplement the photos of Schizocrania on the Dry Dredgers Brachiopod web page.

The reason for showing so many photos of imperfect specimens is to demonstrate the many attributes of Schizocrania. One consideration is their placement on the valves of Rafinesquina. It seems they were preferring to live near the edges of the values as these localities may be better for sharing the food source of the Rafinesquina. It may therefore help us identify the life position of Rafinesquina.

Another reason to examine so many photos is to become familiar with what this fossil looks like more typically when they are found. Photos of fine museum specimens may not help you identify examples in the field, since you are likely, as the photos below demonstrate, to find partials and fragments of the Schizocrania valves.

Seeing lots of imperfect specimens of  Schizocrania may also help you identify that anatomical parts of these somewhat amorphous valves. This may help paleontologists more precisely define the genera and species.

So have a look at these specimens and note the features. Soon you too will be finding them by the tray load and wanting to document them.

PB110002.jpg PB110006.jpg PB110016.jpg

PB110019.jpg PB110020.jpg PB110021.jpg PB110022.jpg PB110023.jpg

PB110025.jpg PB110026.jpg PB110028.jpg PB110029.jpg


 PB110037.jpg PB110038.jpg PB110042.jpg

PB110046.jpg PB110046C.jpg

 PB110049.jpg PB110051.jpg  PB110054.jpg PB110058.jpg PB110060.jpg PB110062.jpg

PB110067.jpg PB110068.jpg

 PB110069.jpg PB110075.jpg PB110076.jpg PB110079.jpg PB110082.jpg PB110083.jpg PB110085.jpg PB110088.jpg PB110090.jpg PB110091.jpg PB120101.jpg

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