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Cincinnati Mineral Society (co-sponsors of the Cincinnati Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show)

Paleontologists We Know

Danita Brandt, Michigan State University
Carlton E. Brett, University of Cincinnati
Richard Davis' Dinosaur Biology Class at the College of Mount St. Joseph
Ben Dattilo, IPFW
Mary Droser, University of California, Riverside
Rebecca Freeman, UK
Brenda Hunda, Cincinnati Museum Center
Steve Holland, University of Georgia
Nigel Hughes, University of California, Riverside
Our Adviser: David L. Meyer, University of Cincinnati
Alycia Stigall, Ohio University
Glenn W. Storrs, Cincinnati Museum Center
Arnold I. Miller, University of Cincinnati 
Michael R. Sandy, University of Dayton
Mark A. Wilson, The College of Wooster

Professional and Academic Resources

California Berkeley Paleontology Museum
Cincinnati Stratigraphy (by Steve Holland)
The Field Museum of Natural History
Geological Society of America
Indiana Geological Survey
Kentucky Geological Survey
Lethaia: An International Journal of Palaeontology and Stratigraphy
Limper Museum at Miami University
M.A.P.S. -- Mid-America Paleontological Society
Museum of Natural History & Science at Cincinnati Museum Center
Ohio Division of Geological Survey
The Paleobiology Database
Palaeontological Association (UK)
Paleontological Society
The Paleontological Society's Blog
The PaleoNet Pages
PRI's Museum of the Earth
The Stratigraphy and Fossils of Ordovician rocks near Nashville, Tennessee
The Western Trilobite Association (WTA)
Wisconsin Geology Museum

Members' Fossil Web Sites

Jeff Bryant: Cincinnatian Fossils From The Ordovician Period
Greg Courtney: Cincinnati's World Famous Fossils
Bill Heimbrock: Xfossils

Michael Popp's Louisville Fossils

Other Fossil Clubs

500 Earth Sciences Club, Indianapolis, IN
Indiana Society of Paleontology
Kentucky Paleontological Society (Lexington, KY)
KYANA Geological Society (Louisville, KY) (F.O.S.S.I..L)
Niagara Peninsula Geological Society (N.P.G.S.)
Oceans of Kansas Paleontology Site
New York Paleontological Society
North Coast Fossil Club, Cleveland, Ohio
Cincinnati Lapidary Society

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