History of Keynote Lectures at Dry Dredgers Meetings of the 21st Century

The Dry Dredgers was formed from a monthly lecture series at the University of Cincinnati in 1942. (See our page on how we began.) Since then we have continued the tradition of feature lectures on interesting topics of geology and science at our monthly meetings. We continue on continuously operating, providing lectures and supporting education and the paleontology into the 21st Century.

Here is a list of the topics presented thus far at our meetings in the current century.  

November 2018 Professor Alycia Stigall / Coordinated biotic and earth systems changes during the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event: How Middle Ordovician events set the stage for the Cincinnatian.
October 2018 Dan Cooper / Ordovician Trilobites of the United States
September 2018 Tom Williams / Mazon Creek Fossil Animals
May 2018 Dr. William W. Morgan / Texas Cretaceous Echinoids
April 2018 Dr. Bruce J. MacFadden and Ms. Jennifer Sunderman Broo / Fossil Horses, Museum Exhibits and 3d Learning in Schools
March 2018 Professor John M. Malinky / Hyoliths: Mysterious Animals Of The Early Paleozoic
February 2018 Professor Takuya Konishi / "Beyond a tailfin: what else do we NOT know about mosasaurs (Squamata: Mosasauridae)?
January 2018 Dr. Kendall Hauer / Biomineralization: The Origin of Fossil Hardparts
November 2017 Kyle Hartshorn / Looking for the Overlooked: Opportunities for Advanced Amateur Paleontology
October 2017 Cameron Schwalbach / Biofacies compositions of the Waynesville Formation in east-central Kentucky
September 2017 John Catalani / An Ordovician Konzentrat-Lagerstätte: The Dixon Mifflin Residuum Fauna
May 2017 Dr. Carlton Brett / Fossil Echinoderms of the Middle Silurian in North America: An Age of Crinoids and Anachronistic Faunas
April 2017 Dr. Nigel Hughes / Fossils, science, and citizens: a tribute to public engagement in paleontology
March 2017 Dr. Colin Sumrall / The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Edrioasteroids
February 2017 Tim Paton / Paleo Pompeii: Snapshots of a half-billion year old ecosystem
January 2017 Dr. Carl Brett / Exploring an Extraordinary Brittle Star (Ophiuroid) Assemblage from the Devonian of South Africa
November 2016 Sarah Sheffield  / The Evolutionary Relationships of the Diploporitan Echinoderms
October 2016 James Thomka / The tales traces tell: Interesting trace fossil discoveries in the Ordovician-Silurian of the Cincinnati Arch region
September 2016 Tom Williams / Mazon Creek Fossils of Illinois
May 2016 Cameron E. Schwalbach / Widespread Fossil Beds and Faunal Gradients of the Richmondian Strata
April 2016 Carl Fechko / A Mystery Fossil –Historically Significant, Unbelievably Beautiful, and Extremely Interesting
March 2016 Jack Kallmeyer/ Kope Gives Up a New Species of Crinoid
February 2016 Carlton Brett / Shell Beds, Storms, and Cycles in Cincinnatian Strata: Lessons Learned from a 450 Million Year-Old ‘Layer Cake’
January 2016 Meeting Canceled due to snow
November 2015 Nico Taverne / Predation on Early Jurassic Ammonites
October 2015 Don Bissett / Echinoderms and Trilobites of New Point Stone, Ripley County, IN.
September 2015 John Catalani / Blastoids
May 2015 Williiam W Morgan / Crawfordsville, Indiana Crinoids
April 2015 Robin Green / Ostracode paleontology and Pleistocene climate history at the early hominid site, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
March 2015 Adriane Lam / Paleobiogeographic analyses of Late Ordovician faunal migrations: assessing regional and continental pathways and mechanisms
February 2015 Chris Aucoin / Looking at the Waynesville through a lens
January 2015 Ben Dattilo / What, if anything, is Cyclora?
November 2014 Carl Fechko / Scuba Diving For Fossils
October 2014 Steve Felton / Recognizing The Local Strata
September 2014 Tom Williams / A Chesterian Mississippian Crinoid Bank
May 2014 James Thomka / The Paleoclimatic, Evolutionary, Stratigraphic, and Taphonomic Significance of Silurian Cystoids and Related Echinoderms in Eastern North America
April 2014 Alicia Stigall / A Tale of Two Brachiopods
March 2014 Christopher Aucoin/ Revisiting the Waynesville:A Fresh Look at the Stratigraphy and Paleontology of the Upper Ordovician Waynesville Formation 
February 2014 Dr. Aaron Diefendorf/A deep time perspective on our future from plant fossils and organic geochemistry
January 2014 Lewis Owen/ Plain Tales from the Hills: UC's fieldwork in the Himalaya
November 2013 Rich Fuchs/Geology of Northwest Wyoming: The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone
October 2013 Jim Cox/New Mexico, Arizona & Utah-Fossils, National Parks and Other Attractions  
September 2013 John Catalani/Analysis of the Platteville nautiloid fauna.
May 2013 Dan Cooper/Identifying and Collecting Trilobites of the Cincinnatian Series in and Around Cincinnati, Ohio
April 2013 Hanna Brame/ Do as the brachiopods do? Niche Stability of the Cincinnatian invertebrate community across the Richmondian Invasion
March 2013 Dr. R. A. Davis/It all started with Adam
February 2013 Christopher Aucoin/Creating and Interpreting Dinosaur Track Maps
January 2013 Dr. Dave Meyer/The Age of Crinoids

November 2012 Dr. Brooke Crowley/“What can stable isotopes tell us about the historic ecology of Madagascar.” 
October 2012 Dean and Nancy Swartz/ Fossil and Mineral Finds Out West This Summer
September 2012 Professor Ellen Currano /"Ancient Bug Bites on Ancient Plants."
May 2012 Matthew Vrazo/“Eurypterids of the Appalachian Basin: Mating, Molting and Migrating.”
April 2012 Rebecca Freeman/"The Brachiopod Trap: What their oldest (Upper Ordovician, Ohio) failed escape burrows tell us about the evolution of burrowing in Lingulids."
March 2012 Rich Fuchs/“Odd and Unique Fossil Specimens in the Collections of the Cincinnati Museum Center
February 2012 James R. Thomka/Crinoid Preservation
January 2012 Andrew Webber/Comparing morphology to environment in the fossil record using Flexicalymene granulosa from the Cincinnatian Series
November 2011 Warren Huff/Explosive Volcanism in the Geologic Record; Do Contemporary Eruptions Serve as a Good Analog of Ancient Events?
October 2011 Alycia Stigall/Species stability before and after the Richmondian Invasion: Important insights from Cincinnatian brachiopods.
September 2011 Glenn Storrs/A Decade of Dinosaurs
May 2011 Thomas Schramm/Investigating the timing and nature of faunal turnover in the Middle Devonian of Eastern North America.
April 2011 Heyo Van Iten/Conularids
March 2011 Dr. Michael Sandy/Recent research on brachiopods from various parts of the United States and other parts of the globe
February 2011 Carlton E. Brett/Trilobite Bonanzas in Concretionary Limestones and the Paradox of ‘Rhythmic Burial Event Beds
January 2011 James R. Thomka/TBA (crinoids)
November 2010 Terry Huizing/  “Minerals of the Midwestern United States - Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky
October 2010 Don Bissett/Trilobites: A Collector’s Tale
September 2010 Brenda Hunda/Trilobite Hunt in Vietnam
May 2010 Rich Fuchs/Graptolites: What's Written in the Rocks
April 2010 Dr. John Pojeta/"Where Are the Cincinnatian Chitons?"
March 2010 Sara Oser/'Mongolia, Land of Mystery, of Paradox and Promise
February 2010 Glen Kuban/On the Heels of Dinosaurs
January 2010 John Tate and Greg Hand/Tour of Bookshelves
November 2009 Robert Frey/Cincinnati Nautiloids
October 2009 Rich Fuches/Ken Casters's 1981 GSA talk "The Cincinnati School"
September 2009 None/Show and Tell
May 2009 Steve Brown/Bio of one of Cincinnati's storied amateur paleontologists - John Mickleborough
April 2009 Dr. Carlton Brett/Shells, Storms, and Starvation in Muddy Seas: The Meaning of Limestone-Shale Cycles in the Upper Ordovician of the Cincinnati Regi
March 2009 Dr. Colin Sumrall/Well-Preserved Middle Cambrian Edrioasteroids Provide New Insights on the Origin of Sea Stars
February 2009 President Jack Kallmeyer/Edrioasteroids
January 2009 Dr. Brenda Hanke/The Role of Transitional Fossils in Evolution
November 2008 Stanley Hedeen/The History and Paleontology of Big Bone Lick
October 2008 Video/Award-winning NOVA documentary, "The Real Jurassic Park."
September 2008 Austin Hendy/Biodiversity and the fossil record: A daydreamers perspective on unraveling the secrets of the history of life
May 2008 Dan Phelps/The Quest for Brachiospongia
April 2008 Alycia L Stigall/Tracking Species Through Space and Time: How Species Invasion Contributed to the Late Devonian Biodiversity Crisis
March 2008 Bill Heimbrock and Tom Bantel: Upcomming Field Trips
January 2008 Rich Fuchs/The Age of the Earth
November 2007 Geier Collections & Research Center/Tour of the Museum Collections
October 2007 Walking with Dinosaurs TV Series/T. Rex and Big Al Uncovered, a "making of"
September 2007 Jack Kallmeyer and Rich Fuchs/Ins and Outs of Fossil Collecting
May 2007 David Meyer/Rings around the Rafinesquina: new evidence for life position and activity of an Ordovician brachiopod
April 2007 Mason Milam/Fossil Preparation
March 2007 Jon Branstrator/The Joy Of Fossiling
February 2007 Greg Schumacher/Morgan's Raiders and the Battle of Buffington Island: Geology's role in the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat
January 2007 Rich Fuchs/Scolecodonts
November 2006 Carlton Brett, Devin Buick, Kate Bulinski, Brad Deline and Chad Ferguson, Austin Hendy/UC goes to China: The science and culture at the International Paleontology Congress, Beijing, 2006
October 2006 Steve Felton/Fossil Finds
September 2006 Dan Phelps/Rusophycus Burrows as Evidence of Predation on Infaunal Worms
May 2006 Patrick McLauglin/Lexington Limestone
April 2006 Bob Morris/Recent and Fossil Epizoans, with an Emphasis on Cornulitids
March 2006 Nancy Nicholson/Review of the K-T Extinction Event: Its Relations to Caribbean Geology
February 2006 Brad Deline/Unraveling the Life History of a female American Mastodon.
January 2006 Austin Hendy/Shares the insights of his scientific mind.
November 2005 Alex Bartholomew and Carlton Brett/Excursion to the Tropical Devonian: Old Coals and Lost Soles
October 2005 Rich Fuchs/Fossil Collecting from A to...
September 2005 Jack Kallmeyer/The Neanderthal Problem: Cousins or Brothers
May 2005 Greg Courtney/An Introduction to China's Feathered Dinosaurs
April 2005 Brenda Hanke/Trilobites: Lifestyles of the Ancient and Extraordinary
March 2005 Unknown (Anyone remember who spoke this month?)
February 2005 Dr. Carton Brett/Platyceratid Gastropods as Predators and Prey in Paleozoic Marine Environments
January 2005 Geoff MacIntyre/ Tips on Fossil Preparation
November 2004 Rich Fuchs/ Trace Fossils
October 2004 Dan Cooper/ Ordovician Fossils NOT from Cincinnati
September 2004 Prof Paul Potter-UC/ Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park in Nebraska
May 2004 UC Student/TBA (Anyone remember who spoke this month?)
April 2004 Dr. Brenda Hanke/ Evolution of Flexicalymene
March 2004 Dan Goldman/ Graptolites
February 2004 Bill Heimbrock/ His Mystery Fossil
January 2004 Kate Bulinski/ Her ongoing research project, and the various ways the Dry Dredgers can contribute to this research

November 2003 Dan Cooper/Cincinnatian Trilobites
October 2003 Ken Tankersley/A detailed look at the Sheriden Cave
September 2003 Jack Kallmeyer/Photos of the Cincinnatian
May 2003 Dr. Dave Meyer/Cincinnati Crinoids
April 2003 Jon Branstrator/Cincinnati's fossil seastars
March 2003 Vice President Rich Fuchs/Mini and Micro Fossils of the Cincinnatian
February 2003 Dr. Ken Tankersley/In Search of Ice Age Americans
January 2003 Alex Bartholomew/Late Devonian reefs of the Canning Basin in Northwestern Australia
November 2002 Sean Cornell/To Be Announced
October 2002 Jack Kallmeyer/Trophy Collecting
September 2002 Bruce Gibson/An Illustrated Report of the Museum Center's Montana Diplodocus Dig.
May 2002 Dr. R. A. Davis/Cephalopods
April 2002 John Tate/Everything You Wanted To Know About Brachiopods, But Were Afraid To Ask
March 2002 Bill Garcia/An overview of Mississippian tetrapods
February 2002 Colin Sumrall & Glenn Storrs/Tour of New Geier Center
January 2002 James St. John/some of the famous hoaxes in paleontology
November 2001 Mats Eriksson/Scolecodonts of the Cincinnatian
October 2001 Dr. Glenn Storrs/The Paleontological Resources Preservation Act of 2001
September 2001 Dr. Colin Sumrall/How Unusual Echinoderm Symmetry is Largely a Consequence of Small Changes in Early Growth
May 2001 Andrew Webber/High-resolution Chronostratigraphy in the Type Cincinnatian (upper Ordovician): A Quantitative Approach to Correlation of the Kope and Fairview Formations across a Broad Geographic Area
April 2001 Dr. Paula Work/Holocene Climate in the Upper Midwest: A Changing Perspective
March 2001 William J. Garcia/an examination of early four-legged animals
February 2001 Dr. David Meyer/Hurricane Lenny
January 2001 "Speaker in a Box"/Nova Video: Hunting Dinosaurs

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