Dry Dredgers award John Tate Honorary Membership

John Tate Receiving Honorary Membership from President Jack Kallmeyer.

The Nomindation and dedication by Debra Scheid:

May 25, 2011

I would like to nominate for honorary membership one of our most distinguished members, John Tate. John is a long time member since he joined in the early 80s. He served as the club’s Secretary first before moving over to treasurer, where he has held the position for many years. Due to his outstanding efforts, he has kept the club in good financial health. John’s experienced background in finance has certainly benefited the Dry Dredgers and we are extremely grateful for all his hard work and efforts.

John also served as Chair of the Paul Sanders Award Committee until recently. This activity has led to many Paul Sanders Awards resulting in numerous professional papers which contributed to the advancement of paleontology.

John’s uncle, David H. McNeil, was a member who started with the Dry Dredgers in 1936 and Uncle David fostered John’s passion for fossil collecting. It was one of our honorary members, Olga Kock, who convinced John to join the Dry Dredgers. John was attending a Gem and Mineral show and Olga strong armed him into becoming our new recording secretary.

His various contributions to the study of Paleontology is never ending, and he is certainly well respected among professional and amateur fossil collectors alike.

We wish John well and thank him for his many years of service to the Dry Dredgers.

Respectfully submitted by,

Debra Scheid
Dry Dredgers, Inc
Recording Secretary





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