Dry Dredgers Field Trip
Saturday, September 28, 2019
Joint Picnic/Field Trip with the Kentucky Paleontological Society
Central Kentucky,
Pennington, Paragon and Borden Formations,
Mississippian Period

Photos by Bill Heimbrock

It was the Lexington club, Kentucky Paleo Society's turn to host this year. We met at a park near Lexington to have our annual meeting and picnic. It had not rained in weeks and there was a fire ban. So we had fried chicken, BBQ ribs and lots of side dishes that the members of both clubs brought to share. It was delicious! Here are some photos of the good time.

Site #1: Pennington Formation, Mississippian Period

Our first stop was on private property. It exposed the Pennington Formation of the Mississippian.

Fossils Found at Site #1


Our best finds were abundant blastoids. These were all Pentremites sp.

There were a number of fragments and parts of blastoids found too. (Next 3 pics)


Crinoid stems were everywhere on this site. Notice that many of these stems had cirri coming off of them.

Here is a crinoid stem with the basal plates of the crinoid in place.

We think this next one is probably individual, disarticulated plates of a crinoid calyx.

We also found some crinoid spines ("wing plates") from the crinoid Pterotocrinus sp.


We didn't see many "cork screws" of the bryozoan Archimedes sp. But we did find a number of their fronds. They were partially articulated and preserved in matrix.


The most abundant brachiopod on site #1 was Cleiothyridina sp.. These next 2 group photos include other types of brachiopods as well.

We found a few Spirifer brachiopods too.


We found a decent number of horn corals on site #1. (next 2 pics)

Some people found tabulate colonial corals too.

Bivalves (clams)

Here's a beautiful bivalve with some shell preservation. Nice find!

I picked up this interesting concretion because it is loaded with fossils. I can't say for certain if was originally on this site, or if it was transported in some manner.

Site #2: Paragon and Borden Formations

The second site we visited is a huge and tall road cut that also exposed Mississippian age rocks. But this isn't the Pennington Formation like the first site. It's the Paragon and Borden formations.

This may have been the best find of the day. It's a huge trace fossil. It looks a little like the siphuncle of a very large orthocone cephalopod, but it probably isn't that. It looks like an oversized Archimedes with the fronds But it probably isn't that. So far, we are stumping the experts. What is it? You tell me!

Brachiopods on Site #2

Fewer brachiopods were found on site #2. Here's what appears to be a Platystrophia sp.  but it's Mississippian age.

Bryozoans on Site #2

In the Paragon Formation on Site #2, we found some fronds of the "corkscrew" bryozoan Archimedes sp.. (Next 2 pics)

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