Dry Dredgers Field Trip
July 18, 2009
A popular creek bed site in Ohio

Due to the Dry Dredgers' participation in fossil events in June, our traditional joint field trip picnic with the Kentucky Paleontological Society was scheduled for July. 

Our destination was a park north of Cincinnati, Ohio. We first met for a grill-out and after that, went down to a creek to collect fossils. We received some good feedback from members on this field trip. Everyone enjoyed themselves. It was nice to get together with other fossil enthusiasts and share our finds, stories and information.

Here are some pictures of our picnic.

 IMGP4987.jpg IMGP4990.jpg IMGP4992.jpg IMGP4994.jpg IMGP4997.jpg   IMGP5004.jpg IMGP5005.jpg IMGP5009.jpg IMGP5010.jpg IMGP5014.jpg IMGP5016.jpg IMGP5019.jpg IMGP5021.jpg IMGP5023.jpg IMGP5025.jpg IMGP5029.jpg 

After the picnic, we headed down to the creek.
IMGP5032.jpgIMGP5039.jpg IMGP5041.jpgIMGP5074.jpg

Here are pictures of some of the fossils we found.

Non-Maysvillian Fossils

The most notable thing we found were a number of fossils that do not belong in this section of creek. The creek exposes the formations of the Maysvillian Stage. Yet some fossils were found that are clearly from the Richmondian Stage. These might haven carried down by currents, but this is unlikely. It's more likely that building materials, such as gravel, quarried from Richmondian formations were left near or in this creek.

A few people found Horn Coral. I'm not sure the Horn Coral found were even Late Ordovician. But they are certainly not Maysvillian.

Another non-Maysvillian fossil was this brachiopod, that appears to be a Rhynchonelid. It might be Lepidocyclus, but since the layers are not from here, we are not sure.

Brachiopods Found


Trilobites Found


Pelecypods (clams or bivalves) Found

IMGP5078.jpg IMGP5076.jpgIMGP5037.jpgIMGP5079.jpg

Nautiloid Cephalopods Found

 IMGP5044.jpgIMGP5059.jpg IMGP5060.jpg IMGP5061.jpg

Ichnofossils (Trace Fossils) Found

  IMGP5054.jpgIMGP5086.jpg  IMGP5094.jpg

Bryozoans Found


Gastropods (snails) Found

IMGP5065.jpg IMGP5068.jpg

That's all the photos for July. We didn't have a field trip in August, but check out the photos from our September 2009 field trip.

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