Dry Dredgers Edrio Dig 2000

Saturday, March 25, 2000

Photos by Bill Heimbrock

On Sunday, the Edrio Dig continued with cleaning the surface that had been uncovered on Saturday. Attending were Clyde Schrickel, Ron Fine and Bill Heimbrock.

Here's Clyde cleaning a new section that just dug today.

Later in the day, Ron Fine and Bill Heimbrock get down to the fine cleaning and identification of Edrios. The area was then marked off with a grid and detailed information recorded.

Ron Fine has incredibly keen eyes. He spotted more edrios than anyone else. Here he is spotting an Edrio. Doesn't he look excited?

And again, Ron spots another Edrio. The excitement never ends.

Bored with all those Edrios (30 count), Ron scouts out new fossil horizons.

An abandoned car near our site marks the spot of a cephalopod, found by Ron Fine.

Well, here's the site after all the work was done Sunday.

One of the nicest Edrio finds Sunday was this Rafinesquina shell with three Edrioasteroids on it, found by Clyde Schrickel.

Here's a picture showing the typical size and condition of the edrios found Sunday. Many Edrios found on the pavement were much smaller than the one shown.

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