The 2021 Dry Dredgers Paleontological Research Award Winners
By Tom Bantel

The Dry Dredgers were pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Dry Dredgers Paleontological Research Awards.   The value of the awards for this year totaled over $2500.  The winning applicants are:  

Emily Bruff Simpson, who is a PhD student of Dr. Brooke Crowley at the University of Cincinnati.  Her project is titled: Mobility as a Strategy of Resource Partitioning in an Eocene-Oligocene Mammal Community.  

Stephen Hill, who is a Masters student of Dr. Sarah Sheffield at the University of South Florida.  His project is titled: Paleoecological Implications from a Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Diploporan Echinoderms.  

Jacob Beasecker, who is a Masters student of Dr. Danita Brandt at Michigan State University.  His project is titled: Predatory Trilobites: Combining Morphological and Ichnological Data.  

All three were deemed to be excellent projects by the selection committee.  The Dry Dredgers offer our congratulations to Emily, Stephen and Jacob.  We hope to hear from them in the future as their projects progress.

 The Dry Dredgers have now made sixty awards totaling over $30000.

Here is a history of the winners spanning 22 years.  

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